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SoGo CrossFit and Suns Out Guns Out Fitness, LLC are proud to offer you use of our entire facility!

We have plenty of space to fill most every gym desire you can think of:)

A space designated specifically for CrossFit. Where you can jump boxes in single bounds, soar high on top of the rings, and throw around as many bells (Kettle Bells) and balls (Medicine and Slam Balls) as you like! OK, so don’t really throw them around, we’re always respectful of the equipment, but you get the gist!

A room for Weightlifters That’s right. Y’all get your own room to play in…filled with a platform, kilo training plates and a squat rack. They’ll be more added into it soon, but we’re proud to be bringing you a place to start.

Kids areas. That’s right – KIDS and AREAS. We have 2. One for our bigger kids, where they can watch you work out while also getting some energy out of their own; and one for our smaller kids, filled with building blocks and one day soon, a wooden train table!

Finally, after a long hard workout, you might need a place to sit down and relax…maybe? We have that covered too. A lounge. Equipped with a couch, some chairs, a television, gaming devices, and most importantly a fridge and microwave to replenish what you lost while working out.

Let me also remind you of our partners at Muscle Mechanix, located right next door! For those days those workouts get brutal and you need a little more help recovering than the foam roller.