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Class Update for Thursday

No 5am class for Thursday, August 30th. See y’all at any of our later classes - 6am, 815am, 930am, 430pm and 545pm!


We’re starting an intro class! That’s right. Tell your friends! Need to learn the moves? Need a refresher? Want to get started at a more comfortable pace? Come in for your free intro and sign up for our Fundamentals! 8 classes within a month dedicated to teaching you the moves of our trade. Each class is an hour long that will include: a warm-up, technique of the fundamentals – squat, deadlift, pressing, pulling, and a touch on the Olympic lifts – and a workout to recap all the movements we learned within each class. The Fundamentals classes will be $150 for Monday and Thursday Nights at 7pm (8 classes total). Email sogocrossfit@gmail.com or check us out on Facebook!

New Site

Our new site is up! Enjoy and message us about any bugs!


Thursday’s Recovery Revenge

Conditioning: 3 RFT - 200m Run 15 Burpees 10cal AAB 5 Pull-ups Strength: 5 supersets: 3 Bench, build in weight 15 KBS ROMwod - stretch - mobility

What did you do to the BB, WVW?

Conditioning: AMRAP x 12min - 20 KBSnatches#53/35 20 Ball Slams#20/15 400m Run 20 MBC#20/14 20 Burpees 400m Run Cash-Out: 7 sets 2 deadlifts #inc weight 7 T2B


Weightlifting: 3-Position Snatch Conditioning: 50-35-20 WBS HPC HS Walk

Heavy Mondays

Strength: squat - 2-4 sets 90 for 2/4 Accessory: 3-4 sets 8 banded rotations/side 50 flutter kicks 8 rdls/side


Strength: Back Squat: 3x5 at 60% *first rep pause :03 at bottom Conditioning: FGB 3 rounds, 1min ME at each 1. Burpees over DB 2. SA DB Cleans 3. SA DB Lunges 4. DB Sit-ups 5. SA DB Jerks 6. rest

Inspire your Inner Meathead

Conditioning: 3 RFT 15cal Ski 30 Air Squats 60 Dubs Strength: Bench Press: 5x5 #build Bent Over BB Rows: 5x5

Brooklyn 9-9 WVW

Conditioning: Brooklyn 9-9 WVW 8 RFT - 9 OHS#115/85 9 Burpees over the Bar Core: 100 V-UPS “for time”

We Remember

Technique/Intervals 4x500m Row Conditioning: 9min AMRAP 11 Pull-ups 20 DUBS 01 Thruster#135/95

Calling All Squat Booties

Strength: Front/Back Squat - 85% 4 x 3/6 Accessory: 3-4 sets 8 Lateral Slam Ball Throws/side 8 SL RDL/side 8 KB Cossack Squats/side

The Battle for the Legs

Strength: Back squats: 70/3x10 Conditioning: 60 DB Snatches 50 DB Thrusters (single arm) 40/30cal AAB 30 DB Burpees (single arm) 20 BMU


Conditioning: 4 RFT 100m Farmers Carry 15 Push-ups 100m Farmers Carry 15 Goblet Squats Strength: 5 sets 5 Bench Press @ heaviest weight from last week 8 elevated Ring Rows

Make my WVW

Conditioning: AMRAP x 18min 50 DU 35 Push Press#95/65 20 Box Jump Overs Strength Cash-out: Deadlifts: 7x2, building in weight

Fridays for Life

Strength: 60-70/5x4 Back rack Reverse Lunges Conditioning: AMRAP x12min 15 Push-ups 20 DB Snatches 10 Box Jumps 24/20”


Warmup: 600m Run 10 Burpees 100m Farmers Carry 20 Sit-ups 100m Farmers Carry 10 Burpees 600m Run Strength: 5 sets 5 Bench Press, build in weight 6 RDLs

WVW - but it's pistols?

Conditioning: 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 alt. Pistols Odds (20-16-12-8-4) - 2 Rope Climbs Evens (18-14-10-6-2) - 12 T2B Cash-out: Core 35' Left Arm OH Carry 50 Russian Twists 35' Right Arm OH Carry 25 Supermans 35' Left Arm Front Rack Carry 40 KB Sit-ups 35' Right Arm Front Rack Carry 20 KB RDL's 35' Left Arm Suitcase Carry 30 V-ups 35' Right Arm Suitcase Carry 15 Tuck Jumps

But you have rest!

Jerk Work: 10x2, build in weight Conditioning: 5 RFT, 2min rest 20/15cal Row 10 Burpees over the Bar 5 Power Cleans#155/105-185/135-225/155-245/165-265/175

All The Squats

Strength: 75/4-6 - 4 Front Squats 8 Back Squats Accessory: 4 sets - 8 Single Leg RDL's/side 4 Seated Box Jumps 5 Strict T2B

Saturday's Workout

Run and Stuff